Dr. Tom Motisi, New Berlin eye doctor, opened the first Eye Site Vision Care Center over 20 years ago with the goal of providing a superior level of care for vision and eye health issues. By using state-of-the-art instrumentation and a personalized approach, thousands of satisfied patients will immediately agree he has accomplished that goal.

Each of our eye care professionals at our two offices use their experience and modern diagnostic equipment to provide a comprehensive and thorough eye examination in order to identify any eye diseases. We offer the best treatment options available – whether that is a new pair of glasses or contacts or possibly medications, maybe even a minimally invasive surgical intervention. If a more complicated condition exists, Dr. Motisi will work closely with the appropriate professional to ensure the greatest chances for a successful solution of the problem.

Our office provides a variety of services including comprehensive eye exams, treatment for eye problems, color deficiencies, and more. We understand that your vision is important and we take every step to ensure that your vision is secure for years to come.

Not only do we provide you with exceptional eye care services, we also provide you with a friendly environment that is comfortable and professional. Our staff wants to make sure you are happy with our office and our services. We strive to make your New Berlin eye care experience memorable and one of a kind – by providing you with the best customer service possible.

Our services include the following:

Eye Health Evaluations

Our evaluations are more than just checkups. We provide comprehensive eye exams at our vision centers. We examine your eyes and look for diseases. We know that early detection is key.

Contact Lens Evaluations

If you prefer contacts over glasses, then we can help you decide what style, brand, type, etc. will be best for you. Even if you have specific eye needs such as astigmatism, we can find a solution that works for you. Our doctors offer many specialty contact lenses including rigid gas permeable contacts, multifocal lenses, keratoconus lenses, etc. We also have a wide variety of daily wear contacts.

Vision Correction and Options

Regardless of the eye problem, we can help. Whether you play sports and need a solution to improve your performance, or you have a child who needs prescription glasses to see better at school, we have the experience and tools necessary to help.

Treatment of Eye Diseases

If you have concerns about your eyes, contact us today. If you have been experiencing unusal symptoms or if eye diseases run in the family, then let us help prevent and treat the disease.

The Latest Technology

Our Brookfield and New Berlin eye care centers use Optos and TLC Vision to help make our appointments quicker and less invasive. We also offer high definition, high surface lenses.

Low Vision Testing

Our doctors offer an extensive exam for low vision. We special order the magnifiers to meet each patients visual needs.


We offer complimentary eye exams for all infants 6 months to a year old.

Call our Eye Care Vision Center today! If you're in the New Berlin or Brookfield area and need a routine eye exam or have some concerns about unusual eye symptoms you are having, contact our eye care vision center for a hassle free evaluation. We can schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our doctors. At Eye Site Vision Care, we’re here for you!


Neurolens is the first and only prescription lenses that add a contoured prism to bring the eyes into alignment, relieving the headaches, neck/shoulder pain and eyestrain that many people experience when using digital devices, reading or doing detail work. Learn more about Neurolens.