Do you suffer from Digital Vision Syndrome?

Do you suffer from Digital Vision Syndrome?

Are you constantly on your phone or tablet? Or maybe you work all day on a computer?

Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS) has become a large and growing issue in the digital age. Between computers, tablets, and smartphones, Americans average 7 hours of screen usage per day, with some people using them significantly more. As we work more and more on digital devices, things like headaches, eye strain, tired eyes, and stiff shoulders are becoming an accepted part of our lives.

We want you to know that experiencing these symptoms is NOT normal. If you suffer from any of the below symptoms, we can help. Call us today to learn more about finding relief from:

You are not the only one suffering.  Eye Site Vision Care Center is now offering an exciting new technology, and we would love to help you discover if we can provide relief for your symptoms. Call us today.

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